Carl Meyer to Attempt 5th Annual “100 Holes for Our Heroes”

ALPHARETTA, GA (June 29, 2012) —Longtime golfer Carl Meyer will spend July 4th attempting to play 100 holes of golf in a single day in order to raise awareness of and funds for Hire Heroes USA, an organization that helps unemployed veterans find jobs. Carl will be assisted by Staff Sergeant John Matter, the recipient of three Purple Hearts, Jerry Welsh from Hire Heroes USA and his brother, Chris Meyer. This is the 5th annual fundraiser to support America’s veterans and he has already raised over $53,000 in contributions for this year’s event. Carl’s goal is to raise $70,000+ this year. Continue reading “Carl Meyer to Attempt 5th Annual “100 Holes for Our Heroes””

5th Annual 100 Holes for Our Heroes event ..In the news!

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Once again, Carl Meyer will be a busy man on the Fourth of July. For the fifth consecutive year, Meyer will attempt to play 100 holes at Chenequa Country Club in a one-man fundraiser called “100 Holes for Our Heroes.” He is hoping to raise $70,000 in per-hole pledges and donations for Hire Heroes USA, which helps place veterans into the civilian work force. Over the past four years, Meyer has raised more than $180,000.

Driven Sports Supports Hire Heroes USA Through Matching Donations

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Some of you may recall that we had a Buy 2 Get 1 Free special on Activate Xtreme™ throughout the month of May at We stated that for every order of this stack that donated to Hire Heroes USA we would match the donation.

First of all we would like to deeply thank everyone that donated with their order. While we were expecting (and hoping for) a higher figure, we are going to more than match the collective donation. In fact, we’re going to multiply it. By about ten…

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