Hired Veteran Jessica Crum

Hired as an Auto Claims Adjuster at USAA
United States Army, E-6, Human Resources

Jessica Crum

The biggest challenge for me during my transition was the fact that we were moving to a new location after separating from the military. I found that employers were less likely to take you seriously with an out-of-state address. Many were hesitant to provide a telephone interview in lieu of an in-person interview, and when I did travel for interviews, it was a lot of coordination and money.

I first connected with Hire Heroes USA at a Transition Workshop held on base at Fort Bragg. My Veteran Transition Specialist (VTS) spoke with me about the difficulties I was having, and he was quick to offer ideas and helpful tips to overcome the challenges. I left the workshop with a revised resume that incorporated his suggestions and a new outlook on finding employment.

We remained in touch throughout my job search, and he continued to check in on me. Knowing that I had my VTS and Hire Heroes USA in my corner to assist me was great. Now I have a great new job in the city I want to live in. Without a doubt, I recommend transitioning soldiers work with Hire Heroes USA. Thank you all!

Hired Veteran Richard Jungmann

Hired as a Law Enforcement Operations Officer with Eurocom in Wiesbaden, Germany
United States Army, E-8, Military Police


I transitioned from active duty while assigned overseas. For me, most of the challenges were associated with the uncertainty of finding future employment. I intended to obtain a job near my transition location, but there were no guarantees. Because I was overseas, I also needed to have several backup plans, including moving my family back to the United States. Additionally, since I wasn’t in a region where I could easily contact potential employers face-to-face, I anticipated difficulty in presenting my skills and abilities to hiring managers. Thankfully, I secured employment at my overseas location and didn’t need to exercise my alternate plans.

The two most helpful types of assistance I received from Hire Heroes USA were:  preparation of my resume and interview skills, and practice. Prior to attending the Hire Heroes USA transition workshop in Wiesbaden, Germany, I had completed the Army’s Soldier for Life (SFL) program. After five days of SFL, I barely had the beginning of a generic resume. But after only a day and a half of the Hire Heroes USA transition workshop, I had a completed, accurate and very effective resume that was ready to send out to potential employers. Using this resume, my transition specialist took me through a mock interview and provided me some very detailed feedback. I used that feedback, in preparation for my job interviews, to obvious success.

Transitioning from the United States Army was a stressful time for me. I had known no other life and was faced with a significant amount of uncertainty over what the future would hold for me and my family. After attending the Hire Heroes USA transition workshop, I had confidence that I was marketable and would secure a job to continue to take care of my family. Now that I am employed, all of the stress associated with transitioning from the Army has been lifted. I’m proud to say that I am still contributing to the Army’s mission as a civilian, and I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity! I credit much of that to Hire Heroes USA. I feel that had I not attended their transition workshop, my post-military path would have gone in a much different direction.

My Hire Heroes USA Veteran Transition Specialist (VTS) was outstanding. From the moment I began working with him, it was clear that he was genuinely invested in my success. What stood out to me most was that he shared his personal transition experience, which brought a level of credibility lacking in most SFL transition personnel. Even though I did not need to contact my VTS much after the workshop, I always knew he was just a call or email away with a willingness to assist me. I think that’s why I recommend so strongly that other transitioning soldiers register for Hire Heroes USA services. Quite frankly, if I had my way, Hire Heroes USA would be the standard for all transitioning military men and women.

Hired Veteran Kelvin Almazan

Hired as a Computer Operations Analyst with Marine Hydraulics International
United States Marine Corps, E-4, Personnel Administration Clerk

Kelvin AlmazanThe transition from the Marine Corps to the civilian world presented unique challenges. Adjusting my mannerisms and speech was the most difficult. I was used to talking a certain way and using acronyms with fellow service members, but when I transitioned out I quickly realized I couldn’t do that any more. My resume was no different. After I connected with my Veteran Transition Specialist (VTS), he showed me how to make my resume more professional and appealing to prospective employers. It was ultimately this resume that secured an interview. Having that polished resume, along with other tips and advice from my VTS, gave me the confidence I needed to impress my employer during my interview.

Finally getting a job really put me at ease. I used to struggle financially, but now I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I can pay the bills next month. I also like that my VTS stayed in touch with me, even after I secured employment. It’s that dedication to each veteran that makes Hire Heroes USA stand out from other organizations. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me, and I would absolutely recommend their services to others making the transition.

Hired Veteran Doug Watjus

Hired as a BD Capture Manager at MEI Technologies
United States Air Force, O-4, Mobility Combat Systems Officer

WatjusAfter serving 15 years in the Air Force, I decided to retire while I was still stationed in Germany. If making the transition back into the civilian world is tough for service members stateside, imagine how difficult it is for someone almost halfway around the world. There were limited opportunities to attend job fairs, secure interviews and properly prepare for my transition out of the Air Force.

When I heard that Hire Heroes USA was conducting a Transition Workshop at Ramstein Air Base, I knew it would be a great opportunity to address my concerns and prepare for my separation a few months later. In addition to a professionally revised resume, I also participated in a mock interview, which helped me practice being comfortable in an interview setting and properly convey my value as an employee.

The best part about the Hire Heroes USA program is the Veteran Transition Specialists. My VTS acted like a coach and mentor throughout the process. It was great bouncing thoughts and ideas – even a few gripes – off him. As challenging as finding new employment is, having an additional asset in your corner helped. He checked in with me several times after the workshop and continually offered to advocate on my behalf. I really appreciated everything offered through Hire Heroes USA.