Volunteer Spotlight: Paul

Searching for a new career requires a great deal of patience, relationship building and learning. It’s a process that relies heavily on the guidance and expertise of others. With a worldwide pandemic that limited in-person events, changed the workplace landscape and reduced job openings, US Army veteran Paul Weyrauch witnessed the importance of collaborative mentorship in his own career search.

Photo of Hire Heroes USA Volunteer Paul Weyrauch
Hire Heroes USA Volunteer Paul Weyrauch

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Paul approached Hire Heroes USA as a client. He made a significant career transition, retiring from the military after more than two decades of service and accepting a position at Booz Allen Hamilton. Soon after, he became a volunteer with Hire Heroes USA, committed to offering others the mentorship he received during his own career transition.

When speaking with veterans and military spouses, Paul uses his own successes and challenges to provide guidance. “I try to focus on my direct experience of transitioning after 26 years of service into the world of information technology and cyber contracting for the government,” Paul explained.

While many of the clients come from different backgrounds and experiences, he finds they are always linked by their service to the country and the common goal of finding a rewarding next career. 

With each conversation, he encourages clients to take time to hone in on their passions through self-assessment, informational interviews and networking.

“Continue to work positively at finding a position that meets both your skill and passion and the right opportunity will present itself,” Paul said. “The number of unreturned calls and messages pales in comparison to the one that gets you where you want to be.”

For professionals wanting make a difference for the military community, he believes a simple introduction can be invaluable.

“Take time to share your experience and introduce veterans and spouses to someone they would have not otherwise met,” he said. “Expanding the horizon of possibilities, for me, came from talking with people around the industry that I could not have met on my own.”

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses, please click here to learn more about volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.