Staff Spotlight: Veteran Programs Manager Spencer Milo

I felt called to join the military following both of my grandfathers’ footsteps. After graduating from Army Airborne School in 2007 as an Airborne Infantryman, I was stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Soon after arriving, and eager to begin my military career, I deployed to Iraq for 15 months. During that deployment, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) during combat operations that resulted in a significant hospital stay and over a year of rehabilitation that nearly cost me my life once I returned stateside.

Even with my extensive injuries, I was eager to rejoin the fight. I redeployed as a member of a Personal Security Detachment unit to Afghanistan in 2010, and later acted as the Platoon Sergeant of a Security Forces Platoon. On January 19, 2011 on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, I was approximately 10 feet away from a 15 year-old child suicide bomber when he detonated himself; the blast left me with another TBI and other injuries. After over a year of inpatient and outpatient medical treatment and recovery at Walter Reed and Womack Army Medical Center, I learned that the Army was going to medically retire me at 100%.

Spencer and Dirty
SSG Milo with Dirty and her
pups in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan.

I was really angry. I did not want to leave the Army, and I felt badly leaving my brothers and sisters in the military. To add to that, all I wanted to do was serve in the military.  When I joined the Army, I assumed that it would be a life-long profession for me; I had no idea what else I could possibly do, and my injuries only added to that anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress (notice I did not use the “D”) I was dealing with. I wasn’t motivated to attend any transition program let alone let go of the military lifestyle because I was scared to death of life outside the Army.

A Platoon Sergeant at the Warrior Transition Unit where I was stationed recommended an upcoming Warrior Transition Workshop hosted by Hire Heroes USA. One of the instructors, Ted Schwinn, introduced himself to the class as retired Army Infantry. So, right away, he earned credibility and my attention. The first day of the workshop motivated me enough to complete my resume early, so the next day, I offered to help other classmates in the workshop with their resumes.  As part of the continuum of services offered by Hire Heroes USA, Ted offered to keep in touch with me to let me know about any opportunities for employment in Colorado Springs, since that was where I wanted to retire.

Even though the military is built upon teamwork, it also emphasizes self-sufficiency, so asking for individual help was a foreign concept to me. Since I knew my future was at stake, I swallowed my pride and, a few months before my retirement date in 2013, took Ted up on his offer and reached out to him about any job leads in his area. The timing was perfect, since Hire Heroes USA was hiring at their Colorado Springs office. I immediately applied, and was offered a job as a Veteran Transition Specialist.

I went from being angry about my situation to being hopeful. The transition into civilian employment was much easier than I anticipated or feared. A lot of that is because I was lucky enough to find a career that allowed me to continue serving veterans. Part of it, though, was that the Hire Heroes USA workshop I attended helped prepare me for my future career.

A successful Veteran Transition Specialist has many of the same qualities that make someone successful in the military: integrity, passion for service, a sense of humor, and hard work. Having proudly served seven years in the military, I was able to apply these qualities directly to my new career helping other veterans make the transition to civilian employment. I learned so much and was treated so well by Hire Heroes USA staff during the Warrior Transition Workshop I attended and beyond; it’s my goal to make sure that every veteran I assist receives that same great treatment, and that every Veteran Transition Specialist I now supervise provides that same high level of personalized service.  

While my military career certainly didn’t end up the way I had anticipated, I’m grateful to Hire Heroes USA for setting me up for success in my civilian career, and for allowing me to continue serving veterans as a member of their team.

Posted by Spencer Milo

Spencer Milo

After two combat injuries and a forced medical retirement from the service he loved, Purple Heart recipient U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Spencer Milo attended a Hire Heroes USA workshop that changed his life. Now, as a Hire Heroes Veteran Programs Office Manager, he gives back by empowering other veterans to successfully transition into civilian careers.

Hired Veteran Lamont Robertson

Hired as a Field Project Supervisor in Chicago, IL
United States Army O-3, Financial Manager

Lamont R

As an IT Specialist with a Master’s Degree and Army veteran with a Top Secret Security Clearance offering 25 years of configuration management, risk management, data system, and telecommunication operations in the military and private sector, I didn’t think my transition to the civilian workforce would be such a challenge.

However, I learned that transitioning from the military to civilian life can be tough. As a disabled veteran, I experienced additional challenges. I knew that I had the education and experience to succeed in the IT field; I just didn’t know how to translate it through a resume or an interview.

When I was connected with a Veteran Transition Specialist through Hire Heroes USA, I received the help I needed to create a quality resume, and build my confidence in interviewing and networking skills. I cannot say enough good things about my VTS, who was always there to check on my progress and encourage me during my period of unemployment.

Hire Heroes USA has been a “helping hand” for me. It was obvious that my VTS really cares for veterans, which can make all of the difference in the world—much of my successful transition to civilian employment is due to the quality assistance I received from Hire Heroes USA.

Hired Veteran Ahmad Burse

Army veteran Ahmad Burse successfully transitioned from the military to being an IT Instructor at Miller-Motte College. Watch his Success Story to see how he did it.

Hired Veteran Spencer Milo

Spencer Milo was an Infantryman in the United States Army. Upon his unplanned departure from the Army, Spencer wasn’t sure where his career would take him. When he learned about the services offered by Hire Heroes USA to transitioning service members, veterans and spouses, he found his calling. Watch the video to learn more about Spencer’s story.

Hired Veteran Anthony Mannino- USO Transition Workshop Participant

NEW YORK—For Anthony Mannino, the way forward was clear.
The Marine Reservist and New York native was on duty in Hawaii advising troops in a warrior transition unit when he decided to enroll in the same USO/Hire Heroes USA courses he was advising those troops to take. The USO/Hire Heroes USA Career Transition Workshop helped Mannino sharpen his skills on the way to a career at the Defense Contract Audit Agency.


“I’m definitely living proof that it’s a good product and it helps transitioning service members get jobs,” Mannino said.



Hired Veteran Nathan Abraham

Hired as an Unexploded Ordinance Technician
United States Army E-8, Field Artillery Senior Sergeant

It had been 27 years since I had applied for a job, and I had never used a resume in applying for one. It took some research and trial and error to understand the importance of a strong resume in successfully acquiring a job. More importantly, there was a learning curve in applying the key words in a job description and modifying my resume to best sell my qualities to the agencies to which I applied for employment. Lastly, I had no understanding/knowledge on how lengthy the hiring process could be.

My Hire Heroes USA Veteran Transition Specialist provided valuable advice and recommendations for modifying my resume for positions I was interested in applying. He was very responsive to my questions, and encouraged me to be patient in awaiting responses. I ended up getting the first job I applied for after my VTS helped me modify my resume to fit the duty description. I truly felt that I had someone in my corner to encourage and coach me and that without his help, I would more than likely still be looking for a job.

I cannot recommend using Hire Heroes USA highly enough. The service I received was outstanding and I truly feel I owe my success in being hired to this organization. Thanks so much for the help!

Hire Heroes USA Confirms 1,500 Veterans hired in first half of 2015

Alpharetta, Ga., July 13, 2015 – Hire Heroes USA, a 501 c(3) national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans transform their military service into civilian success, has confirmed a total of 1,510 veterans hired in the first half of 2015. Their current average weekly rate of 54 confirmed veteran hires translates to a conversion rate of 44 percent from “helped” to “hired.”

With a team of veteran transition specialists—many of whom are veterans themselves—in seven locations across the country, Hire Heroes USA assists over 200 transitioning service members, veterans and spouses each week. Hire Heroes USA empowers transitioning service members, veterans, and their spouses by building the confidence and skills necessary to secure civilian employment through free, individualized programs delivered via online/telephone career coaching and transition workshops.

In the current climate of intense competition, Hire Heroes USA differentiates itself through a laser focus on a narrow mission; through consistently effective, personalized service delivery at a national level, and through the development and maintenance of enduring relationships with some of the most respected businesses and nonprofits in the country.

Brian Stann, CEO of Hire Heroes USA and decorated combat Marine, credits the organization’s success to the passion and commitment of the entire team—employees, partners and supporters—to serving veterans.

“This is a personal mission for our team. We collectively strive for excellence not only because the veterans we serve deserve it, but also because we recognize that the successful transition to civilian employment for our veterans is vital to national security and economic health.”

Recognized as a best-in-class veteran service organization by the USO, Call of Duty Endowment and the George W. Bush Institute, Hire Heroes USA continues to refine their process. “Our robust service delivery metrics and rigorous performance management system contributed to a 25 percent reduction in the cost per veteran hire in FY 2014,” says Nathan Smith, Hire Heroes USA COO, also a combat Marine.

Committed to continued excellence, Hire Heroes USA has further reduced by 24 percent the cost per veteran confirmed hired in FY 2015. “These outstanding results are the outcome of relentless dedication to process improvement and a singular focus on transforming military service into civilian success. For transitioning service members and veterans seeking personalized employment services, companies looking to hire veterans, and supporters desiring to make a meaningful contribution to reduce veteran unemployment, Hire Heroes USA is the logical next step.”     

About Hire Heroes USA:
Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA with offices in 7 locations nationwide, Hire Heroes USA has  a reputation of excellence for helping more than 50 veterans find jobs each week. Each veteran client receives free, dedicated  career-coaching from a highly-trained staff member, empowering the veteran to transform military service into civilian success. Hire Heroes USA provides consistently effective, personalized service delivery at a national level and an uncompromising focus on results, leading to nearly 2,000 veterans hired after utilizing services in 2014. For more information visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Hired Veteran Jacob Jackson

Hired as a Production Analyst in Dallas, TX
United States Marine Corps E-4, Finance Technician


As a nine year veteran of the Marine Corps, with leadership, staff management, and personnel development experience, my transition was a struggle. I was a successful Marine, leading teams of up to 40 personnel in a dynamic, fast – paced environment and managing risk upon multiple lines to protect assets property and equipment valued over $5M while meeting the expectations of senior leadership. When I left that behind, I felt like I didn’t belong and a lack of community; I wanted to stay in, but life had other plans for me.

I have a Master’s Degree, but still felt lost when it came to writing a resume or presenting myself professionally in an interview. The Veteran Transition Specialist that I worked with at Hire Heroes USA coached me through the entire employment process. My VTS worked with me to create a strong resume, and set me up with mock interviews so that I could practice before the real thing. Always available to answer my many questions, I can’t thank my VTS enough.

My whole experience with Hire Heroes USA was great! I have told other veterans about the services they provided and how they helped me succeed in getting my dream job of working for the Dallas Cowboys.