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Marjorie Baja imageMARJORIE BAJA – U.S. ARMY E-5

Marjorie was one of the attendees at Hire Heroes USA’s Female Veteran Workshop in Virginia this past September, just days before her separation from the military. She had worked as a Human Resources Specialist during her six-and-a-half-year Army career, but was having trouble in her own civilian job search. She told us her main difficulties were: writing a resume that would catch the attention of recruiters; getting selected for interviews; and, the actual interview itself, since her whole working life was in the military prior to this. Marjorie said she found the Female Veteran Empowerment Workshop – presented by the Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for Women & Girls – appealing because “it is rare for any veteran organization to reach out to a solely female audience” and then focus entirely on them. “I felt that the resume session helped me the most because in my HR life with the Army, resume writing was simply never taught and there was no other way for me to truly tell if my resumes were appealing to potential employers.” She said the networking and interview assistance was also beneficial – even empowering: “I was somewhat apprehensive around civilians and did not know how to conduct myself in a non-military way. I had three interviews scheduled soon after the workshop concluded and felt that I interviewed much better than I did before.” Exactly one month after her military separation, Marjorie started her new civilian job as a Behavioral Technician with Compass Counseling Services of Virginia. Regarding the free services she received from Hire Heroes USA, Marjorie said: “I would tell other transitioning military members to get in touch with this organization, if to at least alleviate some of the uncomfortable changes that come with exiting military service. I had a positive, supportive relationship with Hire Heroes USA during a time when I was days away from my ETS and terrified of being out of work.” Marjorie added, “I would tell any service member or veteran – at any stage – to please contact Hire Heroes USA right now.”     



Nicole was completing her A+ certification with Onward to Opportunity in Partnership with the Veterans Career Transition Program, when she was referred to Hire Heroes USA for additional assistance.  An unemployed military spouse living at Camp Lejeune, she was looking for an entry-level IT position and admitted some worry that she might not find one. “As a spouse, I have always faced a big challenge trying to maintain a career while PCSing every three years, or sooner. My resume became like a jigsaw puzzle with many gaps in employment – and employment in many different fields,” she said, adding, “Hire Heroes USA started by helping me build a good resume. Then, based on my qualifications and needs, they provided me with job matches.” Nicole said her Transition Specialist was with her throughout the process. Two months later, she accepted a job offer from Ultimate Software – to join their team as a Rapid Response Professional.  “With the help of Hire Heroes USA, I was able to obtain a remote job in the career field I had been trying to establish for years, and now I never have to worry about turning in another notice due to a PCS.” Nicole said Hire Heroes USA “didn’t just find me a job opportunity. They helped solidify my career in a very sustainable way,” adding, “I would have never been able to find this opportunity on my own, and even if I had, I more than likely would’ve never received an interview without the referral from Hire Heroes USA.”  


Eric AndreasenERIC ANDREASEN – U.S. ARMY E-5

Eric served 13 years in the Army, serving in Iraq (OIF/OND), Afghanistan (OEF), Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan. An infantryman and combat medic, he was also awarded an Army Commendation Medal with Valor. When he registered online with Hire Heroes USA in September 2017, he had Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management and was working as a vending machine coordinator in Kansas. His goal was to get back into healthcare management. When asked about his challenges, Eric said, “I was not getting callbacks, and when I did get face-to-face or phone interviews, my resume did not accurately reflect my skills and training.” About a month after he sought help from Hire Heroes UA, Eric accepted a job offer from MedData, working as an Operations Manager in Kansas City. “With a professionally-written resume that correctly reflected my skills and training, it allowed me to compete in the civilian job market and secure a position equivalent to what I was doing when I ETS’d.” He stressed, “If you’re not using Hire Heroes USA, you are simply wasting your time.”


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