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Aleccis was serving in the Air National Guard in California when she asked Hire Heroes USA for help. She was a single mom and looking for a full-time job, because she wasn’t making enough money on guard pay alone. Because her Transition Specialist (TS) took time to get to know her personally, she better understood, as Aleccis describes, “my reasoning for finding new employment and what it meant to my family.” She added that her TS “made me feel like a priority and that she believed in my potential to succeed; that made all the difference.” Just over four months after seeking assistance, Aleccis was working as a Deployment Manager with Merlin Global Services. She told us, “I’m no longer working two jobs, I have nights off and my son can experience things that we just couldn’t afford before, like playing little league baseball and going to camp.” Her advice for others in the military:  “It isn’t only for veterans who’ve had extensive careers or deployed. It’s for all veterans. No matter your assignment or if it seems you haven’t faced the frontline, if you’ve made an oath to your country and only have skills developed from the military, Hire Heroes USA can help you find your next career.”    



Jean joined the military about one month before the 9/11 terror attacks and was working in Human Resources in the National Guard before her separation in 2008. When she reached out to Hire Heroes USA for assistance, she had been looking for a new job in the field of educational program management with no success. Her biggest barrier? She had no college degree. She also had difficulty conveying her experience in her resume. “I was not receiving much interest with my resume and cover letter,” Jean said, adding she often learned in interviews that she was overqualified for positions. Jean credits her Transition Specialist with capturing her skills and experience in a way that enabled her to meet her career goals. She is working today as the Senior Director of Girl Experience with the Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England. “I would say that (Hire Heroes USA) has created a robust way of supporting your career goals. The tools and support you receive are truly effective and efficient.” She added, “Thank you for providing our community with such amazing support.”



While David had extensive experience working with missile and defense systems, he told us the toughest challenge he faced in finding a job was resume writing. “It is not as simple at putting words on paper,” he said. David reached out to Hire Heroes USA in August 2017, a full year before his planned separation from the military after 20 years of service. He was Chief of Missile and Space Domain at NORAD with a Master’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. He also had deployments to Korea and Afghanistan. David said his Transition Specialists helped him develop a plan for finding civilian employment and then “walked every step of the way with me.” Once Hire Heroes USA helped him create and tailor a new resume, he told us, “I started getting more calls for interviews from potential employers.” David accepted a position with The Aerospace Corporation as Project Leader in Military Satellite Communications Operations & Sustainment, earning nearly double his minimum salary needs. His start date was also in late May 2018, well ahead of his military separation. “I greatly appreciate everyone’s help! Without you, I could not have secured employment with the company I wanted to work for so quickly!” He added, “Hire Heroes USA is an invaluable resource!”


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