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Samuel was on active duty when he attended a Hire Heroes USA workshop. A military intelligence analyst, he wanted to stay in the field. Samuel had joined the military when he was 17 and had never looked for, applied for, or interviewed for a civilian job. He admitted, too, that his lack of resume writing skills had negatively impacted his initial job search, adding that he found the entire civilian employment process very difficult to navigate and understand within a transition period of only four months. Samuel was hired into the Defense Contracting industry, after his formal exit from the military.  He is working as an Intelligence Analyst with All Native, a subcontractor of BAE systems. He was so grateful to Hire Heroes USA, his Transition Specialist was the first person he called when he received the job offer.  Samuel credits the nonprofit’s assistance with increasing his marketability. Before working with Hire Heroes USA, he said he had zero job offers or interviews. Afterwards, he had six. Samuel shared a personal ‘THANK YOU’ for his Transition Specialist for “imparting her expansive knowledge” on how to transition from the military to the civilian workforce. “I feel more comfortable coming to you for advice than anyone else… your services and support mean more than you know.”



Nicole had heard about Hire Heroes USA from other military spouses before she registered for our services in late May 2017. An elementary school teacher with seven years of experience, she had recently applied for a teaching license in North Carolina. She was also unemployed and preparing to relocate to Camp Lejeune with her husband at the end of June. Like most military spouses, Nicole had moved a lot because of her husband’s changing duty stations. “I needed help with my resume!” she said. “I started out with an eight-page-long resume and couldn’t figure out how to shorten it without losing valuable details about my experience.” In late July, when she went to register her son at his new elementary school, she took her new resume, too. Based on that document alone, the principal came out of the office and asked her to sit for an on-the-spot interview. They called her two hours later and offered her a job as a Special Education Teacher. “I got the job!!” she said, citing Hire Heroes USA’s resume assistance – as well as the one-on-one support of her Transition Specialist – as pivotal in helping her find employment. When asked what she would tell others about her experience working with Hire Heroes USA, she answered: “Go for it! It doesn’t hurt to reach out for assistance that will help showcase yourself.”    


Jim_Hooper_HireHeroesUSA_photoJAMES HOOPER, U.S. ARMY  O-6

Active duty with 25+ years of service and logistics as his primary military specialty, Jim had a short time between his decision to retire and actual retirement, and he wasn’t prepared at all for a civilian job search. He was relocating to Mechanicsburg, PA, in mid-2017 with his family when he registered with Hire Heroes USA as a client referral.  “I had no resume, had not prepared for a structured job search, and was not prepared to translate my military experience in the interview process. In short, I was not prepared to properly plan and execute the post-retirement employment search.” Jim was hired by Amazon as an Operations Manager, with a higher-than-expected salary. He said Hire Heroes USA provided him the exact tools he needed to be successful. The Army Colonel said, “I have already told my peers that will be retiring in the near future that Hire Heroes USA is a great resource,” adding, “You must do the work, but your Transition Specialist will help guide you along the way.” In addition to a great resume, he said, “Hire Heroes USA provided the coaching that enabled me to create a plan to search for a job, strategically, based on both the area I wanted to settle in (geographically) and the skills, knowledge, and abilities I gained from military experience.”