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Jaclyn is working at Amazon as a Senior Human Resources Assistant (HR Generalist), thanks to assistance she received from Hire Heroes USA. When we asked recently how her military experience has contributed to her success in the civilian workforce, she cited: discipline and a reliable work ethic; her work with diverse groups of people in a variety of leadership roles; and, her attention to detail and process improvement. “The skill that has helped me most in my transition is resilience. Regardless of the challenge, I am confident that I can overcome anything with the right plan and direction.” She added, “I have often found that the most challenging tasks are often the most worthwhile and lead to the best growth opportunities, both in and out of the military.” Jaclyn had sought Hire Heroes USA’s assistance a month before her separation from the Marine Corps. Her advice to transitioning military and veterans alike is that it’s never too early to begin your transition, and asking for help is essential to your success. “Set aside your pride, ask for help and – when you are ready – prepare to give back to the same community that helped create your success story.” What would she tell others about Hire Heroes USA? “USE IT!!! It’s a free service that can get you started on whatever you may be struggling with – whether you need resume bullet points or professional guidance. This service can provide it. You will not fear transitioning if you have the knowledge and assistance needed to find a job.” 


sheryl miller image_ cropped )SHERYL MILLER – U.S. AIR FORCE E-4

In early March 2018, Sheryl got a phone call – totally out of the blue – for a position she had applied for three months earlier. The Hiring Manager told her they had selected her out of a group of 300 applicants. Why? Her resume, which she credits to the work of Hire Heroes USA. Following the interview, she got the job and is now working as a Human Resources Generalist for HUB International, in a region responsible for 1,100 personnel. Sheryl told us, “The military has given me, not only the education but the experience in the HR field that makes me a little more marketable than someone who has just graduated from college,” adding that the military had also taught her to be more outgoing and outspoken – something that she’s put to good use in her job interviews. “I am able to talk to the interviewer with ease and am able to market myself in a way that they are willing to take a chance on me. This is very important because most of my HR experience lies in the Air Force Personnel career field.” Sheryl is not only a veteran – she’s a military spouse, too, and her husband, who was also working with Hire Heroes USA, retired from the military in September 2017. “The Hire Heroes USA team are invaluable,” she said. “They care about their clients’ success and they don’t stop when you find a job. If you decide to transition again, there will still be there to help.”



Sharon told Hire Heroes USA, “My military service really paved a pathway for my current position in the civilian workforce.” She is working now as a Recovery Care Administrator and is located at the NECC JEB Little Creek Base in Virginia Beach. Sharon was a Hospital Corpsman during her 24-year career in the Navy. While learning the basic skills of the job early on, she says she continued to develop as a leader: “I acquired the skills of customer service and professionalism in a medical atmosphere. I learned to listen and communicate to patients, peers and subordinates with various personalities – from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds.” One of her challenges when transitioning was knowing what she was qualified to do in the civilian workforce. Sharon’s advice for others in the military: “Know your value and worth in that the military has groomed you to become a vital asset to almost any position you desire.” She continued: “Start working on your resume now. My biggest struggle was trying to put my military experience onto a civilian resume, and I was still pursuing a bachelor’s degree so I didn’t feel I was qualified. Hire Heroes USA really took that stressor away by helping create a professional resume based on the job I was searching for – and worded my college degree progress professionally, as well.” She said, “Hire Heroes USA is an amazing asset and I’m grateful for their assistance.”


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