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Curtis joined the Air Force in 2003 and served as a Hydraulics Mechanic during a military career that took him to Iraq (OIF/OND), Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. In 2012, while in the Air Force Reserves, he switched to Human Resources. When he reached out to Hire Heroes USA in late March 2018, he was unemployed, living in Texas and having a very difficult time finding any employment in HR. “There are no words to describe the challenges I faced. I had no self-confidence. I was applying for 8-and-9 dollar-an-hour jobs, with a Master’s degree and 10 years of military service, and could not even get a call back. Everything I received was rejection emails from recruiters – or radio silence.” He added, “I felt lost until I found Hire Heroes USA via LinkedIn.” Curtis utilized several of our services, including resume assistance, a mock interview and salary negotiating tips. He accepted an offer from Senior Care Centers as their HR Manager in Austin, Texas. Curtis described his Transition Specialist as “a life saver and miracle worker.” He added, “Within a week, I had a new resume that I was actually proud of and a LinkedIn profile that started to gather over 100+ looks within the first week – by recruiters and other professionals.” On top of that, he had an interview – within two days – with the company that eventually hired him. What would he tell others about Hire Heroes USA’s services? “Do not hesitate in the slightest!” he said, summing it up this way: “I think the user access and the way the veterans are handled is an ode to the organization. I have been working in the veteran space for a long time and no other organization has done what Hire Heroes USA had done for me and my family.”



LaTroy registered online with Hire Heroes USA in February. He had just relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and was unemployed. A Navy veteran who worked as a network analyst during a 20-year military career that started in 1991, he had a Bachelor’s degree and was working on an MBA in Security Management. He had been going on second and third interviews with potential employers but received no job offers. That changed after he received resume assistance from his Transition Specialist. “Once he did that, I was receiving calls and emails – almost two-to-three daily. At one point, I had five interviews in three days.” Two months after seeking assistance from Hire Heroes USA, LaTroy was working at G4S as a Security Supervisor. LaTroy said the job is in “something that I’m familiar with,” adding, “It also provides me the opportunity to finish my last MBA classes before graduating. Plus, the company has IT positions available to employees who have been with the team at least one year, so it’s a positive start.” One more important benefit for him personally? The job is less than five miles from his home, allowing him to put his son on the school bus every day. When asked what he would tell others about the assistance he received from Hire Heroes USA, LaTroy said, “They need to do it! It’s a life saver.” He also shared a special note of thanks for his Transition Specialist, saying “This man showed me that people still care about vets and our world. It was humbling for me to have him spend so much time on ME… nobody had ever done that before.”  



Clayton separated from the Army in November 2017, after nearly 22 years of military service. Six months prior to that – while still on active duty in Alaska – he registered for services with Hire Heroes USA. An Aviation First Sergeant, his specific employment challenge was that he preferred to remain in Alaska after his separation. He also wanted to stay in the aviation maintenance field – either civil or federal. The first thing he needed help with was a resume. “It was simple,” he said. “I sent my professional documents in on a Monday and, after a 30-minute discussion, I received my first draft on the following Thursday.” He later told us, “The resume definitely helped me get hired.” A month after his separation from military service, Clayton started a new full-time position with Delacourt Aviation in Fairbanks, Alaska, working as an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic.  When asked what he would tell other transitioning military members and veterans about working with Hire Heroes USA, he said the free services were invaluable – not only for his job search, but in helping to remove mental roadblocks, too. He called it “one of the most powerful military-to-civilian workforce tools” available to transitioning military and veterans.


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