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Quincy Nolly profile picQUINCY NOLLY – MILITARY SPOUSE

Quincy’s challenge, as a military spouse, was having to explain his gaps in employment and his all-too-frequent changes in employer. He was unemployed and needed to find a job fast, but the only responses he was receiving from his online job applications were rejections – LOTS of them. Quincy was in this predicament because his wife was called up to work with FEMA. So, they left their home in Texas and rented a home near Washington, D.C. Quincy was an IT Audit Manager with more than 12 years of experience. He’s also completing his MPS in Cyber Security. Yet, his attempts at finding a job were leading nowhere. “I attended countless job fairs where I would wait in line to talk to a recruiter, with no success,” he told us. His wife, a trial attorney and Air Force veteran who is back on active duty with the Air National Guard, suggested he get help from Hire Heroes USA.  The first thing he needed was a resume that resonated with employers. Quincy also attended a one-day Hire Heroes USA Employment Workshop that was presented along with Ernst & Young. About two months after that, he shared the news that Ernst & Young had offered him a job as an IT Auditor, beginning January 2, 2018. What advice does he offer others? “When there is an event held by Hire Heroes USA, attend!” He said he was very impressed with the assistance he received. “It is heart-touching to know that I paid nothing for this. In today’s world, where people want something in exchange for their service, unconditional help is rare.”    


nicole rallo profile photoNICOLE ROLLO – MILITARY SPOUSE

Nicole needed a job ASAP when she reached out to Hire Heroes USA for help. She had a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and her diverse work experience included both Law Enforcement (State Trooper) and Social Services (Social Worker) – due to frequent military moves and changes within her family. Her struggle was how to make that experience appealing to employers outside of those two industries. “I wanted to take both experiences and mold their job responsibilities into a resume that was appealing to several employment opportunities, including management, investigations and marketing,” she said. On top of that, she had a 5-year-old son at home, so any job she did find needed to be near Travis Air Force Base. “I loved working with the Transition Specialist. He suggested different sites to look for employment and didn’t make me feel like a ‘military wife.’ He treated me like a professional.” Two months after registering for Hire Heroes USA’s free services, Nicole started a new career with Children &Family Services in Contra Costa County, California, working as a Caregiver Recruiter for foster children. “I would encourage other military members, veterans or spouses to reach out to Hire Heroes USA as soon as possible,” she said. “With my new resume and what I’m gaining in experience with my new position, I feel like my future opportunities are endless. Thank you!”     



Jeannette was unemployed when she registered for services from Hire Heroes USA in mid-November of last year. She was a Clinical Data Management Director with 15+ years of experience overseeing data management operations for Contract Research Organizations. Even with all that experience, she was getting no job offers and she believed ageism was her roadblock to a new career. To counter that, she asked for help to shorten her resume, highlight key skills sooner, and narrow her experience to just the past 10 years. Hire Heroes USA, she said, provided just the right amount of support. One month later, she told us her revamped resume had already gotten her several interviews. In mid-February, Jeannette started her new career as a Senior Project Manager for Data Management at ICON plc, a global provider of drug development solutions and services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.  Jeannette said Hire Heroes USA’s resources even enabled her to negotiate a higher-than-expected salary. Her advice for others considering Hire Heroes USA? “Stick with it. Believe in the help they are offering you. Do your part. The work needs to go both ways. “


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